Pastiglie Leone

Since 1857, Leone Pastilles has been synonymous with the highest quality sweetness, which has remained unchanged over time. Since the opening of the first artisanal confectionery shop in Alba, the company has continued to give small moments of pleasure to young and old, telling the story of authentic Italian sweetness and producing candies and sweets with attention to every detail. Today, Leone Torino is one of the most historic brands in our country. Its long tradition and passion for sweetness are reflected in every product, which brings a unique tasting experience.

Catalogues design

In 2018, the collaboration between Studio Over and Pastiglie Leone was born, ranging from catalogues projects to the realization of photo shoots, and even the design of some of the new product packaging. The work of Studio Over stems from the company’s need to renew the visual aspect, allowing the historic brand, with over a hundred years of history, to embrace contemporaneity while preserving its cherished tradition.

Bespoke packaging

With the introduction of the new Cioccolato Leone collection, our focus primarily revolved around photo shoots and packaging design. We paid attention to every detail to enhance the excellence of chocolate and create a visually captivating and inviting experience for consumers. We selected high-quality materials and refined finishes that reflect the importance of detail for Leone. Each package was carefully crafted to tell the story of the product and capture the attention of consumers, inviting them to savor the authentic and unique sweetness of Leone Pastilles. This collaboration between Studio Over and Pastiglie Leone has further strengthened the bond between the brand and its loyal consumers, offering them an extraordinary visual and gustatory experience. We are proud to have contributed to Leone’s italian success in carrying forward its confectionery tradition, while adding a contemporary touch that captivates and wins over new lovers of Italian sweetness.


Art Direction: Studio Over
Pictures: Frollemente, Irene Berni

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