Angela Frenda

Angela Frenda, the director of Cook magazine at Corriere della Sera, entrusted Studio Over with the care of a contemporary, simple, and character-filled image.

New editorial department

Angela Frenda, born in Naples in 1970, has always nurtured the dream of becoming a journalist since she was a child. Despite her parents’ hope that this passion would fade over time, Angela continued to pursue her goal. After obtaining her degree and attending journalism school, she started working for Corriere della Sera in 1997 as a political reporter. However, in 2014, she made a courageous decision: to leave her position and establish a new editorial department within the same Corriere della Sera group: Cook. What began as a website quickly transformed into a successful magazine, giving rise to four international events, books, and numerous other collateral initiatives. Cook became a small world, an oasis of culinary passion guided by an extraordinary team of professionals.

Bespoke identity

Studio Over was tasked with redefining Angela Frenda’s image and communication. We created a contemporary identity that is reflected in the choice of a simple yet distinctive logo, representing the essence of her unique style. For printed materials, we opted for a high-quality approach, using premium printing techniques and paper that communicate elegance and sophistication. Additionally, we developed a series of coordinated tools, including personalized stationery, which allow for nurturing relationships through writing. We chose to use typography in a concise and essential manner, bridging the timeless charm of paper writing with an ever-evolving digital world.


Alongside her journalistic career, Angela Frenda has dedicated her time to writing cookbooks. With passion and curiosity, she has amassed a vast collection of recipes and culinary stories. Her books, such as “La cena perfetta” and “I (miei) grandi classici,” to name a few, testify her dedication to promoting female creativity in the kitchen, celebrating women who experiment, break the rules, and express themselves through food. We are excited to continue working with Angela to create captivating and inspiring projects in the world of gastronomy and culinary journalism.


Art Direction: Studio Over
Picture: Stefania Giorgi, Matt Russell

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Angela Frenda
Angela Frenda
Angela Frenda
Angela Frenda