Molino Pasini

Molino Pasini is a century-old milling company that has successfully blended tradition and innovation in the world of flour production. As a graphic design studio, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Molino Pasini to redefine the entire corporate image, from the logo to brand identity, packaging, and exhibition stands.

Elegance and authenticity

The distinctive quality of Molino Pasini products, including the renowned Molino Pasini Flour, inspired us to create a refined and captivating design. Through a palette of understated colors and essential forms, we were able to convey the elegance and authenticity of Pasini products.

Special collaboration

In redesigning the packaging, we paid special attention to highlighting Molino Pasini Flour as the protagonist. Every detail was meticulously crafted, from essential information about the origin and characteristics of the flour to a design that made Molino Pasini products immediately recognizable on the shelves. We also redesigned the packaging of some of Pasini’s most renowned flour lines, such as the Pizza line or the Panettone flour in collaboration with Andrea Tortora.

Immersive experience

The goal of the new exhibition stands was to create an immersive experience for visitors. We skillfully incorporated visual elements that evoke the milling tradition, enriched by the modernity of the Molino Pasini brand. Through an elegant and evocative presentation, we aimed to communicate the essence of Pasini and its commitment to producing high-quality flours.

Tailor made e-commerce

Parallelly, we developed an intuitive and functional website that allows customers to explore the wide range of Molino Pasini products, including Molino Pasini Flour, and discover recipes and tips for kitchen use. We created a virtual environment that evokes the authentic and engaging atmosphere of the Molino Pasini world.

Unique tone of voice

The collaboration with Pasini was a unique opportunity for us to express our creativity. We are grateful to have contributed to the creation of a brand image that highlights the excellence of Molino Pasini products, including Molino Pasini Flour, and reflects the prestige and heritage of the Pasini company. Working closely with the company’s team, Studio Over developed design solutions that reflect the philosophy and values of Molino Pasini. We are proud to have given life to an elegant and distinctive image, consolidating Pasini’s position as a leader in the milling industry. The collaboration with Molino Pasini was a success, but we are aware that innovation and continuous improvement are essential to stay ahead. As Studio Over, we will continue to support Molino Pasini in its growth journey and offer high-level design services that showcase Molino Pasini Flour and the entire Pasini brand, while maintaining the elegance and quality that have always distinguished them.


Art Direction: Studio Over
Pictures: Stefania Giorgi
Styling: Van der Sande Studio

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