Motta Architecture

Motta is the architecture and interior design studio based in Milan. Led by the talented architect Giuseppina Motta, the studio is known for creating eclectic environments that blend technology and style, resulting in a warm and captivating atmosphere. Each project undertaken by the studio is unique and reflects the specific needs of clients as well as the architectural and cultural context.

Bespoke identity

As Studio Over, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Giuseppina Motta in redefining the image and communication of her studio. We translated the distinctive eclecticism of the studio into a logo that harmoniously combines serif and sans-serif fonts, representing the essence of her creative approach. For printed materials, we adopted a high-quality and minimalist approach, utilizing fine paper and printing techniques that emphasize the elegance and sophistication of the brand.

Website design

Additionally, we developed a website that serves as a showcase for Giuseppina Motta’s studio. The graphic design of the website draws inspiration from architecture itself, combining solid forms and empty spaces to create an engaging and visually stimulating experience. The chosen color palette conveys a sense of calm and refinement, with touches of darker tones to add depth and visual interest.

Casa SEM

Following the restyling of the brand identity, Giuseppina Motta announced a collaboration with SEM by Spotti. This partnership gave life to an extraordinary installation showcased during Milan’s Salone Del Mobile. The installation unveiled the Néolithic collection created by architect Motta and presented at Casa Sem, located within the studio’s interiors on Via Borgazzi. This collaboration represents a significant step forward for Giuseppina Motta in solidifying her position of excellence in the field of architecture and interior design. We are thrilled to be an integral part of this successful project and look forward to continuing our work with architect Giuseppina Motta in creating captivating and inspiring projects in the realm of architecture and interior design.


Art Direction: Studio Over
Picture: Sara MagniMattia Aquila, Amir Farzad, Silvia Rivoltella

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