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Pasta fresca Frangente Milano

Frangente Milano


Stepping through Frangente’s front door you enter an engaging, generous space, the child of recipes from the countryside, the sea and Romagna, reinterpreted in a contemporary key. The ambience transports you to a seascape, right from the sign with its logo in capital letters arranged like a wave, to the colours reminiscent of the Adriatic on the beaches of Rimini and Riccione, to the paintings with references to surfing. Classifying it only as an ‘Italian restaurant’ puts it in a category that Federico Sisti’s ‘free cuisine’ does not envisage, but which reveals genuineness, harmony and respect for the people, customers and staff included, of the very fresh and excellent quality raw materials that are Frangente’s real strength. The cuisine is both comfortable and creative, with a well-defined gastronomic proposal: traditional dishes of mainly Milanese and Romagna inspiration with a touch of innovation, always well balanced.


Frangente is a restaurant in Milan; the new home of chef Federico Sisti, formerly known for his cooking at Antica Osteria il Ronchettino, and his partners Josef Khattabi, Laura Bencini and Enrico Cruccu. A place, on the northern edge of the area between Porta Venezia and Lazzaretto, that was born out of a desire to have an ever-evolving space in which to cook freely and have a relaxed experience.
Federico Sisti Chef
Frangente Milano