Arte Pennellificio

We are excited to announce our latest collaboration with Arte, a paint brush manufacturer founded in the 1970s, which made history by patenting the now world-famous non-drip paint brush. With the desire to reinforce its tone of voice, Arte invited us to tell its long story in a contemporary visual language. The restyling project involved both the visual image and the product.

Professional tools

Arte is an Italian brand of professional brushes and solutions for the house painting and decorating industry. Since its inception in the seventies in Cicognara — within a renowned industrial district — our company has earned a reputation for successfully interpreting the demands of an evolving industry, with patented products and original offerings designed to make the professional house painter’s job that much easier.

Italian flair, since 1973

Giovanni Barbantini founded the Arte brush factory in 1973. Italy was experiencing a housing boom at the time, with a plethora of new builds and renovations spawning new trades, like the house painter. Our workshop is located in Cicognara, an area that has been associated with the manufacture of brooms and brushes since the early twentieth century, courtesy of the wealth of sorghum and wetland plants to be found along the banks of the River Po. Bucking the local trend, the brush factory was not named after its founder: reflecting a vision that was already focused on excellence, it was called Arte (Italian for art). In those early years, Giovanni’s daughters — Elisabetta Duemila and Silvia Barbantini — took the company’s reins, eager to steer the family tradition into the future.

Patented innovation

Making Arte one of the leading brands in the professional brush market is the patent covering its non-drip brush: an innovation that would become a market standard. Drawing on dialogue with house painters and feedback on their needs, the non-drip brush took an existing product to the next level, improving its operating performance and simplifying the life of its users, with the ultimate goal being quality.


Art direction: Studio Over
Pictures: Mattia Balsamini
Copywriter: Elisa Cadamuro

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