Smeg is a historic Italian company specializing in the production of high-end home appliances. A few years ago we were approached by the company to collaborate on an exciting project: packaging design for their microwaves destined for the foreign market. In addition, we conducted a thorough competitor analysis to ensure that Smeg maintained its leading role in the industry.

The mood of the project was inspired by the world of technology, aiming to convey a modern and innovative visual language. The packaging design was meticulously designed, combining aesthetics and functionality to provide a first-class experience for international consumers.

Our commitment was to enhance the high quality of Smeg products through an attractive and distinctive design. We dedicated ourselves to creating packaging that would capture attention and emphasize the technological innovation that sets their appliances apart.

Our competitor analysis played a key role in choosing the graphic elements to be included on the pack and in choosing the gray background color of the packaging. This allowed Smeg to stand out visually on the shelves and maintain a prestigious position.

Packaging Design