Paolo Di Lucente

Paolo Di Lucente


Knowing how to tell a complete story in the simplicity of an image is an art that Paolo di Lucente knows well. His work lies at the intersection of portrait, landscape, still life, fashion and a constant search for images suspended in time; collected, almost whispered and yet so complete. In each scenario there is matter and texture to accompany the play of light and shadow that harmonises the context. His images can be almost metaphysical, without being static or, on the contrary, too posed, but revealed with a mastery of language that either belongs to you or nothing at all. Paolo Di Lucente reveals unusual viewpoints, profound scenes of everyday life to be interpreted in their well-calibrated ingredients: light, geometry, subjects, composition and soul.


Paolo Di Lucente is an Italian photographer based in Rome. Born in 1984, he began his path at the Roman School of Photography and after his studies moved to New York where he assisted several fashion photographers. Some of his photographs have appeared on: Arena Homme +, AnOther, Cartography, Dapper Dan, Dune, M Le Monde, Interview Germany, Studio Magazine, The Gourmand, Vogue Italia and Wallpaper*.