Nicolas Denino - Artwork

Nicolas Denino


Energy flows are at the core of Nicolas Denino’s research. The blue shapes that characterise his work are the emblem of his poetics: they are metaphors of beings that meet and collide as they float ‘in the world’ without ever managing to merge. They recall a profound contemporary reflection inspired by Zygmunt Bauman’s theorisation of the Liquid Society: unbridled individualism and the lack of a sense of community make it difficult to consolidate relationships. Thus, in Denino’s works, the tension between forms reflects the human being’s inability to establish those connections that are the basis of solid relationships, while the blue colour, created by lapis lazuli, recalls the force of a spiritual energy that flows over things, creates spaces, volumes and envelops us. It is the depth of an inner world that bursts forth and imposes itself on the eye. It is the invisible that becomes visible.


Nicolas Denino was born in Montevideo (Uruguay) in 1985. He started working in the world of fashion and design in several European cities and in 2014 he approached contemporary art, studying painting as a self-taught artist. In 2019, after a period spent in New York, he decided to devote himself entirely to art. Since 2022, he has continued his research in the field of painting, sculpture, ceramics and, more generally, in the world of design, through collaborations with design companies, studio stays and productions in Morocco.