Natalia Criado


The “Joyas en Casa” or “Gems at Home” collection by Natalia Criado transcends the constraints of traditional ceramic tableware. Redefining the essence of everyday objects, each piece is immersed in a luminous fusion of sculptural mastery and sensory appeal. Whether it is a simple salt cellar or fascinating vases, each element moves harmoniously between function and decoration. Natalia aims to create objects that not only endure over time thanks to their textures, but also possess timeless appeal which challenges trends. Using materials like metal and stone, Criado brings out the beauty in everyday objects, elevating them via an artistic and experimental process. Her desire is to offer users the gift of time, inviting them to take part in a ritual and to slow down and savour the moment.


Natalia Criado established her own name brand, demonstrating unique creative versatility. Born and raised in Colombia, she discovered her talent for design at a young age and went on to perfect her skills at the IED in Milan. In 2011 she launched her own jewellery and accessories brand. Inspired by the heritage of Pre-Colombian forms, her pieces are a fusion of Colombian and Italian cultural influences. Collaborating with skilled artisans, she combines contemporary design and craftsmanship, creating objects with minimalist geometric shapes. One of her most well-known projects is “Joyas en Casa”, a collection that reinvents ceramic tableware. Ms Criado has also worked with prestigious brands like Dyptique, SSENSE, Vero and Loto del Sur. Her sustainable practice and commitment to the techniques of traditional craftsmanship have earned her recognition within the world of design.