From Lighting

From Lighting


In Padua, where FROM LIGHTING was born, one is surrounded by a diverse industrial landscape where good design is tradition. The brand team shares the same vision on how to establish a way of doing business that is respectful and meaningful, thinking about the future of the cultural aspects of design. Producing locally is another core value, so much so that in the brand name the word ‘from’ gives voice to the origins of the objects that are produced, which are not just lamps, but fresh, durable and iconic products designed to reinvent conventions from the first sketch. As a design company that puts new products into circulation, sustainability is a core value of their making. At the heart of FROM LIGHTING’s design challenges, every detail is taken care of to be efficient and durable. And with a promise: “if one day something should break, we will repair it.”


From Lighting is a young independent brand that develops high quality lamps carefully made in Italy. The designs are based on subtle technological innovation that is combined with contemporary living and always guided by the search for the iconic. The common thread of sustainability is experienced in all products: environmentally friendly packaging, recyclable materials and products that are made so well that they can be stored for a long time and designed to always be repaired. And that aim for perfection.