Identity Molino Pasini

We had the privilege of working on a major project for Molino Pasini, which involved the complete restyling of their brand identity. We started with the design of the new brand and logotype, which represent the very essence of the company.

The concept we developed is based on essentiality and modernity, to best represent Molino Pasini’s vision and values. We worked on a range of graphic media, from merchandising design to the design of advertising campaigns, through the study of packaging and the coordination of editorial media.

To bring our vision to life, we collaborated with talented professionals. The photo shoot was handled by Stefania Giorgi and Gaia Menchicchi, who were able to capture the authenticity of Molino Pasini products through evocative images. In addition, the communication was enriched by renders and 3D images created by Massimo Colonna, which created an engaging and modern visual experience.

In addition, for the exhibition booths, the company involved Vandersande Studio, creating unique display settings in the food industry, which brought Molino Pasini’s distinctive identity to an even aspirational level for the public. We are proud to have helped transform Molino Pasini’s brand identity, creating a modern and refined image that best represents their excellence and commitment to quality. Our work was guided by a passion for design and attention to detail, with the goal of making the most of the company and its products.

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