Fondo Rubro

Fondo Rubro is a vineyard that produces Veneto wines inspired by the region’s tradition and authenticity. But Fondo Rubro is also an ancient home resting in the quiet of an unspoiled garden, located in a charming farmhouse in the heart of the Berici Hills, in the province of Vicenza. The estate enchants wine lovers with its high-quality productions.

Studio Over was invited to study the company’s new visual identity. We began by developing a logotype that would represent the elegance and sophistication of the brand. The flowing, harmonious shapes recall the wine production process, while the earthy colors evoke the richness of the Veneto vineyards.

We also worked on defining a distinctive monogram, which became a refined seal applied to the packaging and all communication. This seal gives a sense of authenticity and quality, distinguishing Fondo Rubro wines in the market.

In addition, we created the company’s website, which has become a digital showcase for their excellence. The clean and modern design highlights the beauty of the vineyards and bottles, providing a pleasant browsing experience.

Food & Beverage
Art Direction, Brand Identity, Web Design
Fondo Rubro