Fiere di Parma

For Fiere di Parma, we had the privilege of creating a special project: a series of notebooks designed as gifts for the best exhibitors at Mercante in Fiera, an event organized by Fiere di Parma.

We wanted to create a unique and meaningful gift that would evoke the atmosphere and spirit of the fairs. The notebooks were designed to inspire a slow and nostalgic gesture, like the products found inside the exhibition.

We chose colors that represented the seasons in which the fairs take place: warm, enveloping shades of autumn and winter. These shades evoke the cozy atmosphere of the fair, creating a unique visual and tactile experience.

Each notebook has been carefully designed down to the smallest detail, using high-quality materials and craftsmanship. We included fine paper pages perfect for notes, thoughts and reflections, inviting exhibitors to slow down and capture the authentic essence of trade shows.

These notebooks are a tangible tribute to the tradition and authenticity of the fair, offering a moment to connect with the past in an increasingly fast-paced world.

Book Design, Print Production
Fiere di Parma